FMP. 11 : Decided Idea and Project Plan_Sketch

Concept_Comparative Deprivation

To empathise people suffered social media anxiety, I decided to make a kind of interactive installation to let people interact and experience for awareness of SMAD.

The Idea is based on the collecting data from Social Media such as Twitter or Facebook; it would present a different perspective between patient from SMAD or people who don’t have it.

This Concept stems from one of research which was conducted to seek seriousness of SMAD  focused on what makes them aggravate to fall much depression and anxiety. Through the research, I found one of a key sentence that when people with social media anxiety found posts contained others’ happiness or some boasting via uploaded images or texts, they would fall into depression and feel comparative deprivation.  It is true that we all who have an account on social world possibly have this sort of feeling but just not that much serious.

My project started from this point. Focusing on what makes them feel comparative deprivation and how to elicit empathy of seriousness of that to people who don’t have it.


Project Plan_Using optical illusion with cellophane paper 



Technical approaching



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