Collaborative Project _ Contact with DJ

17, February 2016 _ Contact with DJ _ Result: Fail

Initially, I was thinking about the making a social network service, which is using the voice of the user. This is because, nowadays, there are the bunch of social network website which is only related to revealing their common life with the picture, especially merely focus on their appearance. From this lens, many people use the editing program, which improves their appearance, furthermore, make some fake photo.

Therefore, I decide to focus on another aspect except present their real appearance.

When I was contact with an expert on sound design by Email, who is worked in Korea as a DJ in the popular club, and graduate MA Sound Generation at Seoul University in Korea, he was quite misunderstanding and has posted a question about my proposal. He just understands about we will going to make a sort of website, and need to figure out about the whole of sound which is generated by the user. And most serious problem is that he is quite busy to collaborate together.

However, through conversation with him, I’ve got some information and also, understood drawbacks about my idea. Briefly, my idea is too abstract to understand. It means, there are no mainstream and too much twig from the idea.

His suggestion is more focus on one way such as VOICE, or Social Network Service. If I want to combine both of them, I need to more specific topic embodying both of them.


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