Hello World – about Jun(Jay)



Actually, before three months, we have already met each other in pre-sessional course.

The first impression of him was little bit serious and gentle, like other common Korean guys. In that time I thought it is very hard to become familiar. He looked like the same age with me, because of his fashion. But few days later, we had more time to talk with each other many things from routines to personal stories. It also gave us an opportunity to build a strong friendship with each other. At that time, I heard a lot of things about his life before. He worked many years in a big advertising agency, having a strong background of graphic design.




In this sight, I chose two key points in his personalities from my perspective.

First word is ordinary. As I mentioned before, his first impression is little bit cynical and looks very similar to other Koreans. So I chose this word from the first impression.

The other key word is extraordinary. Yes it is quite weird. But this is because now I knew his various abilities and I believe his possibility.



So I decided to make an artwork using graphic. My work based on two main elements.


First element is hand. I think the ‘hand’ is the secondly powerful representative to express someone’s emotion. So, I took a lot of picture from his hand. Among them, I chose one picture. That is the fist. I thought it is represent of first appearance of him from my point of view. Looks very solid and it is one of basic figure of hand.


On the other hand, I use an abnormal gesture. This is because I want to show uncommon things about his personality. That gesture is very hard to do in ordinary. So I used that gesture to represent his personality.



The other element is color. I chose two colors. There contains two meanings. Firstly, in South Korea flag consist of two colors. Red and blue. So I use these colors. The other reason is I want to make two sides graphic. So I chose counterpart colors.





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